Spring has sprung, always a great time of the year. The film industry could be a drop busier after a great 1st qtr.

Went to the AIPAD Photography show at the NYC Armory this past month, and the gradual acceptance of alternative photographic techniques at this showcase over the years leaves me invigorated.

It just strengthens my belief that my one-of-a-kind Polaroid SX-70’s will someday occupy their place in the history of Fine Art Photography. “Foon dein moil in gotz oieren”, as my Grama Tillie used to say!

Shout out to Joe Janetti aka Lumpus Vericti, to get well soon!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We have a lot to be thankful for, our health, family, and friends. I’m working hard in the Film industry, and making art, Jake is digging his junior year at URI, Ali’s working hard at her job in NYC, and loving it, and Carol is about to move into the Holiday mode. Life is good.

Big Holiday hello to Dan Costa in Bagdad.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season.

It was hard to find anything to say in this space following Benny’s death, but many good things have happened since that I want to mention.The beautiful wedding of Sarah Guma and David Stewart, Ali getting her 1st real full-time job, weekend with the Feudi’s, and a busy work environment in the film industry. Good stuff.

Last week, an old friend, Benny Feudi passed away.
Everyone who knew Benny was taken in by his humor,
and his humanity. Even though he was older than us,
West Islip class of ’69 Nicky’s “Bro Ben” was a fixture
in many of the good times we’ve had over the decades.
I’m gonna miss ya Benny.