Ali has a birthday cannoli at E & V in Paterson with Elena.
Jake’s back at URI for his second year,
( Happy Birthday Jake!) ,
Carol’s back at School, and the film biz is still cookin after a great summer.
“New Work” section updated, “Italy” & “Digital Collage” added to Digital Fine Art.

Three pieces of NYC included in the Bergen Museum of Art and Science exhibition, “Diving into Digital”.

Bergen Museum of Art and Science
201-291-8848 • Fax:201-291-8808

Exhibition runs through June 1st.

The film business is very busy now, and I hope it stays that way.
Carol called my bluff about wanting to try skydiving, so she got me
my 1st jump, with DVD and stills for my birthday.
13,000 ft up, you, and fifteen other crazy people go out the door,
hurtling towards the earth. Since it’s my 1st jump, the instructor, Ron is there
to make sure I did everything correctly, as in, dIidn’t kill myself.
Most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Opened at the Zen Lounge here in Teaneck this past Saturday. With no place to park, and in the pouring rain, hearty family, and friends gathered for an evening of Art, Jazz & food. A good time was had by all, sorry we missed you. Huge thanks to Jazz pianist,Loren Daniels, for providing the great vibe all evening.