Links of Interest

Site Description
Williams Gallery Gallery representing Fine Art print sales in the Princetron, NJ area
Adobe Systems Makers of Photoshop, need I say more.
Apple Computer Except for some time on the big iron, the only computer I've used to make art.
Randy Bloom Talented artist friend's web site
Curious Labs Owners of Poser software
Digital Art Zone

Great site for 3d models for Poser Great site for 3d models for Poser & Bryce Great organization, great site for photoshop junkies
Corel Corp. Owners of Painter, Bryce. and KPT software
Media 100 Makers of non-linear video editing systems, and streaming video software.
Ken Macleod 3d architectural renderings, production design, & cgi
Artists Helping Children Provides Artwork to Children's Hospitals

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