Mom & Dad, for everything, from diapers on up to switching my major from business to Cinema & Photography.

Warren Bass, Chairman Cinema Dept., University of Bridgeport, for teaching me very early on the value of working on my own projects.

Tibor Hirsch, Director/cameraman, my photographic mentor, for training my eye, and my brain with his honest, brutal criticism.

Rene Moncada, The Best Artist, for his friendship, for giving me a place to show for 16 years, and the opportunity, for a few weeks every year, to see the world through his eyes.

Jack Churchill, Director/cameraman, for his faith in my work, his encouragement, and for putting his money where his mouth is, St. Jack.

Jim Ross & Randy Pardy, Digital Visionaries, for teaching me the importance of play in the creative process, and showing me the beauty of raw computing power, long before you could buy a supercomputer for your home.

Robin & Benji Cohen
, For all your support, time, effort, and cold cash while promoting my work.

Sue Kenney, my printer, my dear friend, for caring how my work looks as much as I do, and going above and beyond my hopes and expectations.

Rolf May, Positive Image Labs owner, and friend
, for his technical expertice, and his generous support of my artistic endeavours.

Michael Schrom, Director/cameraman, for encouraging me to make my art move, and helping me be the first on the East Coast to "go digital".

Ken Lieberman, Lab owner, for all your help, encouragement, and never letting me out of your office without a few phone numbers.

MaryLou Bock, Williams Gallery owner, for your faith in my work, and your vision that art can, and will, spring forth from computers.

Mark Ostroth, I've know you since you were a little geek, and now, you've helped me build this beautiful web site. Thank you for your patience, and your intellect. Thank you!

To my kids, Ali & Jake, for adding love, and more meaning to my life than you can imagine.

And special thanks to Apple Computer!

Apple Computer
thanks photoshop macintosh apple
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